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Hello bright soul and welcome to Colour Your Life! I’m so excited to be a part of your life.

Colour Your Life is a blog offering articles, resources and inspiration on how to live a life you love by embracing everything that’s good in your life and in our world.

It’s easy for us to focus on all that’s bad in our life and wrong with the world. When we spend time and energy complaining about all the bad things we only make those things bigger. They take up more room in our lives, the lives of others and in the world. They affect how we think, what we believe, what we do and how we live our lives.

What if it was easier to focus on all the good in our life and all the love in the world? Imagine if we spent all our time and energy making all the good things bigger, letting the love and joy and generosity fill our lives, the lives of others and the world. Imagine if everything we did was from a place of love, joy and contentment.

I want Colour Your Life to start an optimism revolution.

op·ti·mism  [op-tuh-miz-uh m]  noun

  1. a disposition or tendency to look on the more favourable side of events or conditions and to expect the most favourable outcome.
  2. the belief that good ultimately predominates over evil in the world.
  3. the belief that goodness pervades reality.

from dictionary.com 

Colour Your Life will show you that goodness pervades reality. It’s like love actually is all around.

Colour Your Life will guide you to cultivate an optimistic outlook and expect the best outcome in everything you do.

It Starts With You

Do You Want A Vibrant Life?
Do you want a life you’re excited about? In a world you can’t wait to explore every day? I believe everyone is entitled to a vibrant life but you have to choose to seek it, learn, change and live it.

You Don’t Have To Change Your Job, Relationship, Home or Body.
You don’t need to make a giant change to transform your life. What you need are moments of wonder, enlightened moments, healing moments and moments filled with purpose and vision.

You Choose The Life You Live Every Day.
Every day you’re confronted by dozens of choices that change the direction of your life or keep it completely on track. Each conscious choice you take is another step closer to living the life you want for yourself. You have more power than you think you do.

20 Ways To Colour Your Life.
Buy yourself flowers, wear your favourite colour, meditate, rock out to your favourite song, be a tourist in your home town. When you’re feeling down or bored choose to bring joy into your life. Smile.

We’re All In This Together

Read About Me, Colour Your Life & YOU to rediscover the magical world that we live in and learn a bunch of things about my journey to living my most vibrant life.

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I’d love to hear what magic you discover in your life or what challenges you’re facing in living your most vibrant life. You can always reach me at kerryn (at) colouryourlife.net or on twitter I’m @kerrynhewson.

I hope you’ll comment on any articles that help you or make you smile and share them with your family, friends and the world.

Let’s shine a light on the good things.


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