Why Losing Your Enthusiasm Is Not Losing Your Passion & 5 Sparks To Reignite Your Enthusiasm

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I had two really low weeks recently. I lost my enthusiasm for all of the things I am passionate about. I wasn’t even procrastinating. I was simply avoiding doing all the things that fill my life with colour.

I’ve spent the last two years consciously creating my own vibrant life, discovering what my values are, creating projects I’m passionate about and a lifestyle that fuels me to be the most amazing, excitable, happy person.

But it’s not rainbows and sunshine every day. Living a life on your own terms, as Liz Seda puts it, is not always what it’s cracked up to be.

Some days I’m overwhelmed. Some days every little thing goes wrong and all I can do is sit watching TV with a pint of ice cream and only feeling worse about myself because I’ve given in. Some days no matter how much you try to focus on the positive and do all the things you know make you a better person that enthusiasm inside you never flares to life.

I’ve learnt to handle a day or two feeling “off”. You love yourself. You let yourself have some downtime. You cut yourself a break and let yourself make mistakes. You write yourself a love letter and a pep talk. You trust the magic of a night’s sleep which will have tomorrow looking like a completely different day.

I managed to get through one week letting myself fall off the wagon, skip the gym, eat chocolate, devour sex-filled romance novels, ignore my emails and social media. But by the time I was a couple days into week two I wanted out. I wanted to feel like myself again. I know what my usual state of enthusiasm and excitement is and it wasn’t coming back of it’s own accord.

Losing Your Enthusiasm Is Not Losing Your Passion

“Enthusiasm… great excitement for or interest in a subject or cause.”
– thefreedictionary.com

Losing your enthusiasm about what you’re passionate about doesn’t mean that you’re no longer passionate about those things. It can mean that you need a break, need to rebalance, need to change how you’re pursuing your passion or what medium you’re expressing your passion through.

The absolute key to working out what’s doused your enthusiasm fire is to understand exactly WHY you’re passionate about the things you are.

This is where you get to be a two year old asking: why? why? why? why? why? At least five times and maybe more. (Yay!)

But you also get to be the adult digging deep inside yourself to answer those questions in the most honest way possible. (Hard, but with extra enlightening moments of Yay!)

Honestly, get out a pen and paper and…

  1. Write at the top what you’ve lost enthusiasm for.
  2. Write the question: WHY am I passion about X.
  3. Now answer it, quickly (rephrase it as WHY was I passionate about X if you need to to get yourself answers).
  4. Ask WHY again but replace X with your last answer.
  5. Repeat and repeat until… epiphany!

When you understand your why you can choose with a clear mind which projects you need to let go, which projects have been poisoned by other things you don’t love and which new projects to begin. Jonathan Fields has a great post about this called It May Be your BABY, But Is It Your THING? We really do have more amazing things to be enthusiastic about that we know and all of them will align with our passions and enrich our lives in the time that we need them.

Trust Your Passions, Trust That This Too Shall Pass

As I existed through my two weeks of lack lustre living it didn’t spiral out of control leaving me in a depressed heap questioning everything about myself and my life because I was grounded in my values.

My Values | colouryourlife.net

I trusted my values and I understood my WHY. I understood why I’m building Colour Your Life and why no matter how many times I’ve tried to give it up I still believe in Kiwi Writers. I understood why I was working my day job and pursuing a healthy, active lifestyle. I trusted that all the pieces of my life were right for right now.

If your lack of enthusiasm is spiralling into those dark and dangerous waters then stop thinking as quickly as you can. You cannot trust your thoughts right now. You need to cling to the truth that you have always done the best you can with the knowledge you had at the time and the situation you found yourself in. You need to repeat the truth that you are not your emotions. You need to know deep down inside that you have the power to change, to let go and to take action. Begin spinning these truths around in your head, finding evidence in your life to support them and see what a difference it makes.

As the only constant in life is change trust that this too shall pass. This is an ebb to your flow and at some point you will feel the turning of the tide.

5 Sparks To Reignite Your Enthusiasm

Sometimes you can wait it out and your enthusiasm will come back on it’s own. When you don’t want to wait any more or at all here are a few things you can do to kick up sparks and reignite your enthusiasm.

  1. Talk to people who are passionate about your passion in person or in real time. A Skype call with my passionate-biz buddy Meaghan Gallant always leaves me excited about Colour Your Life and a call with my Kiwi Writers VP Catherine Mede always has me reinvigorated with my belief in building a writing community.
  2. Participate in group activities that support your passion. I could not have made myself run on a treadmill or swim lengths in those dark two weeks but I could force myself to the gym and into a Zumba or Body Combat class. Not only was it encouraging to chat with my friends at the gym but the feel of the music reminded my body how much I love bouncing around even if my mind had forgotten.
  3. Rock out to your power songs. You know the ones I mean. The songs that you can’t help but tap your foot along with, the ones that get stuck in your head for days and you don’t mind one bit, the songs that inspire you and lift your spirits even if you have to play them on repeat for hours. Music is such a great healer and I certainly don’t listen to it often enough. My two favourite power songs right now are I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas and Dance With Me Tonight by Olly Murs.
  4. Do the little things you love. Reading those romance novels, adding nine pieces to a super hard jigsaw puzzle and baking cookies all sparked a little enthusiasm in me. They showed me that my enthusiasm was still there and gave we a welcome reprieve from feeling uninspired if only for a short periods at a time.
  5. Cleanse your space & clear your mind. Often our enthusiasm gets doused just like any fire can. We smother it with expectation, rules and demands. Work through your day and every time you find some abrasive or irritating take action to fix it or remove it. You’ll soon have cleared the way for a breath of fresh air to fan those flames.

All of these things helped me get through those two long lacklustre weeks and recover my enthusiasm.

It was the belief that this too shall pass that enabled me to push through and keep trying things even when I did feel like it.

If You’re Enthusiastic About It, Shout About It!

Nothing is too little, too silly or too wrong to get excited about.

What ever it is that sparked that light inside you, makes you want to dance a little, squee a little, hang out with all day long and chat about to anyone who will listen. What ever that thing is embrace it, love it and do it often. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about it. In fact, I’ll promise you that there are people out in the world who love it just as much as you do, you just might not have found them yet. Catherine Caine describes this phenomenon perfectly on her new site Mediocre Be Damned.

Nothing is too little, too silly or too wrong to get excited about.

This is me calling bullshit on anyone who thinks that they shouldn’t be excited about something. For starters I hate the word should (Defined as… to indicate obligation, duty, or correctness, typically when criticizing someone’s actions – I mean, ick!). You make your own choices and are don’t have an obligation to anyone but yourself and most importantly your own happiness.

I’m going to say it again… Nothing is too little, too silly or too wrong to get excited about.

I’m declaring all the little, silly and AWESOME things that I get excited about because being silly is fun!!

  • Newton’s Cradle
  • I got my View Master!
  • Pop songs
  • Sunshine
  • Wacky Woollies
  • Yellow everything
  • Nail polish
  • Glee, 2 Broke Girls & New Girl
  • Cadbury’s Jelly Popping Candy Shells

Make your own declaration of enthusiasm and share in comments one or some of the little, fun-silly things you get excited about.


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  • Kim Smith

    Great post, Kerryn! I loved your “Ask why” exercise. It helped me to figure out why I had lost my enthusiasm for painting. I definitely had an “a-ha” moment and now I can begin painting again. I love 2 Broke Girls and New Girl too. 🙂

    My short list of fun, little silly things:

    * Opening the curtains in my bedroom in the morning and making my bed nice and neat. I have bay windows in my bedroom (my fave!) and it is so sunny and bright in there. Since that is also where my office is it makes it really nice to work in there. 🙂
    * Thunderstorms
    * Buying art supplies
    * Buying books

    • Thanks Kim! I’m thrilled that you were able to have an a-ha moment about your painting. I have this picture in my head now of you totally rocking out on a canvas. 🙂

      I love, love, love bay windows!! Your bedroom sounds lovely, especially with the morning sun shining through.

      • Kim Smith

        Oooooh, I love that. Yes, I am going to totally rock out on canvas. What a deliciously fun visual! 🙂

        I think I’ll take a picture tomorrow morning or even in the afternoon when the sun is brightest and post it on my blog. I’m at http://creativeblissstudios.blogspot.com if you want to check it out.

    • Michelle L Jacobs

      Love love love 🙂

  • fourthirtyam

    Love this. A lot. Thank you for getting real with it, this was a great read. I’m participating in the tour, too. Such a great way to build community!

    • Thanks so much! I’m loving reading everyone’s posts on Enthusiasm and can’t wait for the coming weeks. 🙂 Let me know where I can find yours.

  • Sheila Delgado

    Great post Kerryn! I signed up for your morning pages 🙂 I really needed this about a month ago I was just dragging myself through the motions. Overwhelmed with all that needs to be done. Thanks so much for the Sparks – I took notes and the next time I am losing my enthusiasm, I will refer to your list!

    • Hi Sheila. Thanks for signing up! I hope you find them really useful. I’ve been doing them on and off for the past four years and they’re always such a comfort.

      I know all about the overwhelm! I’m so glad the Sparks sound like they’ll work for you. 🙂

  • Kerryn – Love love love this post, especially your wise words: Nothing is too little, too silly or too wrong to get excited about. So true! I really need to remember that one. I definitely think way to much about what others will think. Your 5 tips are also so spot on! And I’m going to have to check out Mediocre Be Damned.

    I get excited about:
    Nature, Plants, Essential Oils, Nutrition, Art, Color, Design, Good Books, The Ocean, Lazy Days, Dark Chocolate, and Snuggle Worthy Cool Nights With The Window Open!

    • Hi Kimberly. Thanks for stopping by! I’m quite well known for getting silly excited about the tiniest things but it’s something I don’t think any of us should grow out of.

      I’m loving snuggle worth cool nights with the window open myself this week! Summer finally seems to have arrived here in the UK. 🙂

      • Michelle L Jacobs

        I agree Kerryn 🙂 Silly excited…I say yes! ‘Bout the tiniest things…ohhhh yes!!! Never never grow out of it…it’s called life…and loving it! Great post, thank you, it’s added extra sparkle to my day! With love and rainbows from the City of Gold, South Africa xxx

    • Thanks, Kimberly! I hope it resonated for you!

    • Michelle L Jacobs

      Oooh! Love what you get excited about – me too! I have also just come back from my first adult trip to the Drakensberg, an incredible mountain range here in South Africa…we loved the indoor chalet and fireplace but were so excited we dragged all the bedding outside to lie under the Milky Way and count shooting stars!!! A.W.E.S.O.M.E!! ‘Til the baboons came then we thought it best to sleep the rest of the night inside haha.

      • Oh wow, Michelle. That sounds amazing. I love open fires and lying under the stars. You can’t see the Milky Way as well (or at all) from inner city Manchester as out in the suburbs in New Zealand.

    • Deepali Pandya

      Hey Kimberly,
      Love that energy in your words.
      Great going!
      Have fun!

  • This is such a great post! I love it! There’s so many great ideas and wise words in there.

  • JoAnne Meller

    Hi Kerryn- I’m a little short on time this morning,
    but I just wanted to say EXCELLENT!
    Thanks for sharing your ENTHUSIASM

    • Thanks JoAnne! I’m so privileged that you spent the time to read it this morning and thrilled that you enjoyed it.

  • Michelle L Jacobs

    Hello fellow enthusiasts! I loved this post -thanks Kerryn. Great to find you via the book tour – what an awesome PR campaign they have going, really fun and infectiously fabulous! xoxo Sending love and hugs from the Rainbow Nation, South Africa

    • Hi Michelle. Thanks for visiting! I’m so excited about all the lovely new friends I’ve been making via the book tour and all the new ideas and inspiration too. xx

    • Hi Michelle! Thanks for visiting. 🙂 It’s been fantastic all the new blogging friends I’ve met through the book tour and the new ideas and inspiration. xx

  • Deepali Pandya

    Hey Kerryn,You have put it so well.Its like you were speaking my mind.and it really feels nice that one can take it easy for sometime…because even this shall pas away.
    Reading your blog was therapeutic.
    Thanks so much.

    • Thank you, Deepali! That is the highest compliment. xx

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  • WOW you so hit exactly what I have felt about many things both in the past and the present. I love your comment about the ice cream. Like you I also posted about surviving the lose of enthusiasm. I posted a similar “survival kit” on http://www.blogdefy.com/when-enthusiasm-dies . I think you’ve done such a great job here explaining what one could do to get back on track!