7 TED Talks to Inspire Greatness

7 TED Talks to Inspire Greatness | colouryourlife.net

I set myself a challenge in May to watch a TED talk every day. I didn’t watch one every single day and that was perhaps the most thrilling thing about the whole challenge. For the first time EVER I didn’t beat myself up for missing a day of a challenge or push myself into that place of diminishing happiness returns to get it done when I remembered at bedtime. I always say that when you under take a daily challenge you’ll not only reap the benefits from every day you meet your goal but you will learn something fabulous about yourself.

I did watch a great sample of talks through the first three weeks of May and I’m excited for you to watch these ideas worth spreading!

Why We Make Bad Decisions – Dan Gilbert


Perspective Is Everything – Rory Sutherland


The Paradox of Choice – Barry Schwartz


The Puzzle of Motivation – Dan Pink


Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are – Amy Cuddy


The Power of Introverts – Susan Cain


How To Make Work-Life Balance Work – Nigel Marsh


Do you have a particular favourite TED talk? Share your recommendations in comments!


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